Mike Eller says he is a DEMOCRAT, but Mike Eller is not telling you the truth

You can’t be an democrat when you are Chair of the America First Party of Michigan.

According to the America First Party national party website, Mike Eller was the only AFP candidate running for office in the US in 2008. Check the facts.

If Mike Eller becomes an Ypsilanti City Councilman, Mike has already promised that he will do everything he can to undo all zoning laws and dismantle the Historic District in Ypsilanti.

Mike says there should be no zoning laws and that all property owners should be free to do what they wish with their properties with no oversight.

How about a Strip Club on Hemphill? Or a sludge factory on Oak Street? In Mike’s world, Dave Kircher would not be in jail and Kircher would still be dumping sewage into the Huron River. You see, Mike wants to do away with the EPA as well.

Mike also wants to undo Ypsilanti’s Anti-Discrimination ordinance and undo years of hard fought civil rights victories in this country.

But don’t take our word for this, read the AFP platform that Mike wrote.

Mike Eller is Not a Democrat

Mike Eller is Not the Change Ypsilanti Needs