America First Party of Michigan State Chairman, Mike Eller to Run for Ypsilanti City Council, Ward 3

I am running for Ypsilanti City Council, proudly and unashamedly, under a banner of: Less Government, more individual responsibility, and, with God’s help, a better world (an The people of this country are sick and tired of government, at all levels, controlling, regulating and taxing our property, lives, and businesses, far beyond the original intent and spirit of our nation’s founding documents.

 The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States were bold attempts to do what had never been done before, that is: limit the power of government.  It was never the Founding Fathers’ intent to guarantee each citizen a job, a house, or a pair of shoes.  Rather, they fought to guarantee your inalienable right to pursue those things, free from government interference.

 Today, we are offered a “choice” (really a non-choice), between Socialist Party A, and Socialist Party B (Republicans and Democrats) – really two (2) arms of the same power – we call them Republicrats.  They both talk of “change”, but there is no change, nor will there be.

I am presently the state chairman of the America First Party of Michigan, and also co-owner and President of Populist Cleaning Company, located in downtown Ypsilanti.

We (our party and myself) believe in the Americanist principles of individual liberty, individual responsibility, and limited government.  If these principles were applied to the workings of local government (in this case, Ypsilanti City Government), as they should be, the City would be out of debt, running smoothly, at a surplus, and not looking for ever-new ways to burden its citizens with its own inability to run itself and its affairs competently.

In short, I offer you a choice, your only true choice, for the future.  Otherwise, you will get the same-old same old, masking as “choices”, but, in reality, no choices at all.

If you, the voters, haven’t found that out by now, will you ever?

Elect:        Mike Eller, Independent,

                Ward 3, Ypsilanti City

                Government (Council).